4 Signs Your Siding Was Damaged By Winter

When it comes to keeping our loved ones safe and protecting our homes from the elements, keeping our sidings in tip-top shape is a top priority. Sidings are one of the most vulnerable areas in your home, exposed to water, sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

They undergo wear and tear much faster than interior walls or windows. If you don’t maintain your sidings regularly, they can become damaged and worn, leaving you susceptible to water damage, pest infestation, and more. Here are 4 signs your siding is damaged in case you’re considering siding replacement in Kansas City. Info below.

4 Key Signs Of Damage On Your Siding

Finding the right company siding replacement in Kansas City isn’t easy; before you contact any roofers, check out your roof’s condition. If you notice any of the following signs of damage on your siding, you likely need to have your siding replaced as soon as possible.

Lamination On Wood Siding

One key sign of damage on wood siding is lamination. This occurs when moisture or water seeps into the wood and causes it to warp or bend over time. This can lead to structural damage and increased repair costs if left unchecked.

Missing Siding

Another sign of siding damage is missing siding. If you notice gaps in the boards or panels of your siding, moisture has likely gotten underneath and caused them to weaken or warp. You may also see signs of mold growth in areas with exposed wood, or notice that your siding is peeling in certain spots.

Constant Need For Painting

A common sign of damaged siding is a constant need for painting. If your siding has not been properly maintained over the years and has started to fade or chip away, it will require frequent touch-ups or even complete repainting.

This can be costly and time-consuming, so it is best to address any damaged siding as soon as possible.

Skyrocketed Heating Bill

If you see a skyrocketed heating bill each month, this could be another telltale sign of damage to your siding, as leaky siding can lead to greater energy loss overall. If you suspect any damage to your siding, be sure to contact a professional to help assess and repair this vital part of your home.

KC Quality Exteriors: Ready To Help With Your Siding Damage

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