4 Ways To Have Winter Roof Maintenance

You might think that you can put off roof maintenance during the winter months. However, you may not even realize that snow and ice are more likely to damage your roof than rain. In any possible situation, neglecting your roof is a bad idea for many reasons:

  • Snow and ice will weigh down on the shingles, causing them to crack or break sooner than they should, which could lead to leaks in your home.
  • Ice dams form when the snow melts at the edge of a roof and then freezes again as it meets up with cold air from outside, trapping water behind it and causing leaks under window sills inside the house. The weight of all this extra snow also puts pressure on roofs, resulting in cracks or other damage.
  • If the ice dams aren’t removed, water will back up under the shingles and cause leaks all through your roof.
  • The longer you wait to have the snow chipped off of your roof, the harder it will be to remove.
How To Do Winter Roof Maintenance
  • It’s important to remove snow from your roof as it melts, or ice dams will form. The longer the snow stays on the roof, the more difficult removal becomes.
  • Anything you can do to prevent water from getting under a shingle is good maintenance: air gap flashing where necessary, caulking or sealing any leaks after repairing them.
  • Regular roof inspections are a must, whether there’s snow on the ground or not. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to look at your roof and make sure everything is in good condition.
  • If you find damage, have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further problems.
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